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You wont lift a finger during your stay at Villa Lapa. Our expertly trained and friendly staff is here to accommodate your every need. Your chef, housekeeper, and bartender arrive early each morning to serve breakfast when you are ready for it. A delicious lunch and dinner follow, along with drinks and snacks served poolside each afternoon. All the while, your housekeeper focuses her attention on the villa and your laundry needs. All meals at Villa Lapa are served on the terrace outside overlooking the bay under the cover of the balcony. The staff serves the meals at Villa Lapa at a relaxed pace that encourages conversation. The time together here will be a favorite part of your trip. You will treasure this opportunity to get to closer to your family and friends. Not to mention the delicious food! Wall hangings were produced by local artists. They represent scenes of the countryside and Liberia, the closest large town. The other decorations were all purchased regionally and are handmade. This region of Costa Rica is famous for its beautiful pottery. Of Villa Lapa's five bedrooms, four are master suites with high ceilings, king size beds, featherbed mattress covers, and large private baths. Each has an spectacular ocean view with French doors opening onto the pool veranda. The fifth bedroom features two double beds and picture window and balcony for a full ocean view.

Rental Details and Photos of Villa Lapa

Location Setting Bedrooms Bathrooms
Minutes to Ocean 5 5


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Water Equip./Toys
0 Television
Tape Player
Swimming Pool
Sun deck
Patio Furniture
CD Player
Bedrooms Beds




All of our fine vacation rentals are Non-Smoking
This property is 3000 sq ft.

Pets are not permitted at this location.

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