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Playa Lansta Suites are located a few hundred yards from Tamarindo, averaging 1250 square feet each. These luxury villas come complete with fully furnished kitchens, spacious living rooms, laundry rooms, private ocean view balconies, and large bedrooms. Many of the units have full size Jacuzzis in the master bedroom. The decor of the individual villas are done in exquisite detail, some with hand painted murals by local artists. The villas are full of the rich tropical hardwood trim and hand crafted tiles. With plenty of fresh breezes coming off the ocean, the state of the art Mitsubishi climate controls are used only on occasion. A location designed precisely to suit your tropical dreams.The villas share an inground swimming pool and barbecue patio. There is an onsite business center for international faxes, email and telephone service. Your villas are well maintained by our professional hosts and their hardworking staff. Maid service is included with the villa. Private meal preparation can be arranged. The local market in Tamarindo offer most items to make you feel right at home.

Rental Details and Photos of Playa Lansta Suites

Location Setting Bedrooms Bathrooms
Tamarindo Ocean View 1 1


Tamarindo Vacation Rentals
Swimming Pool
Sun deck
Bedrooms Beds
Bedroom 1 2nd floor Queen Size




All of our fine Tamarindo vacation rentals are Non-Smoking
This property is 1250 sq ft.

Pets are not permitted at this location.

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